What should you know before choosing a vape?

To fully understand how to differentiate a good vape from others, you need to have some context about what vapers are and how they work.


Vapes, also known as Electronic Cigarettes, are devices that seek to simulate the functions and sensations of a traditional cigarette but offer a greater variety of flavors. They are used both by people who intend to replace the habit of smoking and by those who seek to have their first experiences with the sensation of smoke.


These devices are powered by a battery that heats and vaporizes a chemical solution that may contain some percentage of nicotine or 0% nicotine. Today there is a wide variety of flavors of vaporizers. In this way, instead of smoking a cigarette, you have the option of vaping the flavors that you like the most.


How to choose the best vape for you?


In Vapenebula we have summarized 3 important aspects to take consider to classify a good vape so that you can have criteria and choose the vape that gives you the best experience.


1. Define how much power you want.


Power is one of the most important aspects when choosing a vape, both in terms of how much the product costs and the variety it can offer. And it is that the experience changes according to the power, the more power a vape has, the greater the amount of smoke or steam that the product can generate.


To give you a clearer idea, you should know that the softest vapers offer a power of around 25 or 30 watts. These are products designed for users who want to start smoking and do not want to get too complicated. They are models, in addition, to an economical cost, so they are a good proposal for the occasional user. For those who are looking for more power and already have some experience with vapers, some products go up to 50 or 60 watts, which offer a stronger and more concentrated sensation when inhaling.



2. Choose the size and design that you like the most


A vape is a device with which you will live for a large part of your day, it can be part of your routine and it must be to your liking aesthetically and offer ease of use and comfort. If it is heavy or very uncomfortable, you will end up leaving it at home or leaving it anywhere, look for the lightest and most comfortable option for you.


In addition to the design and comfort, it is important that you can observe the amount of liquid that you need since it depends on this how long your device will last charged. In the market, you can find from simple vapes to vapes with 5000 puffs



3. Find your favorite vape flavors


Thanks to the wide variety of vape flavors on the market, you can explore and choose the flavors that best suit your tastes. It is important that you like the taste of the vape because that way you will have a more pleasant vaping experience.


If you come from smoking traditional cigarettes you may prefer some flavors a little more bitter and concentrated. Although you can experiment by trying some flavors that seem attractive to you. But if you are a person who is just starting in the habit of smoking you are certainly more likely to like sweeter, citrus, and minty vape flavors. At Vapenebula we have the best-flavored juice pods that you can find on the market and are of the best quality.


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