Traveling with a vape: what you need to know

In recent years, vaping has become a global phenomenon that has influenced a great number of countries around the world. When you’re a vaper and you’re about to travel for the first time with your electronic cigarette, you may be wondering whether you can take it with you on your trip if you’re planning on taking it with you. While it is possible to travel with a vaper, some rules must be adhered to as well to avoid getting bad taste during the trip.


Airport and airline policies.


The best thing you can do is check with the chosen airline what their rules and regulations are regarding e-cigarettes and whether you can carry them in your carry-on luggage. This is especially true for international flights.


Most likely, since e-cigarettes have batteries, they should be carried in your carry-on luggage and not in the aircraft hold. On domestic flights in the USA, they must be transported in your carry-on luggage while keeping the device off or locked. If your mod is removable batteries, these should go off the computer and a holster.


The use of vapers is prohibited within airport facilities and aircraft. So you’d better take a few good puffs before entering the airport. As for liquids, you can also transport them in the hand, as long as you do not exceed 100ml per bottle, a total of 1000ml, and the container is well closed. Remember, the best way to avoid unpleasant situations is to ask the relevant authorities before traveling.


Vaping laws in each country.


Take time to know the country you are going to and its legal status regarding vaping.

Most countries tolerate vaping, although some have restrictions on nicotine-containing nicotine, as the ingredient is considered a potent poison. The problem with the legal status of vaping in these countries is that it is often difficult to determine exactly what the legal situation is, and it tends to be different in each of them. Some agree with vaping, but only in certain places, restricting the possession of liquids, etc.


It is important to consult or ask if vaping is legal in public establishments such as restaurants, bars, shopping centers, etc. Vaping is now covered by most city laws and ordinances, usually grouped with anti-smoking laws. Most of the time, smoking areas also allow vaping, so be sure to find out where you are allowed to use your vape.


Batteries should be stored in a cool place.


It is already clear that you cannot store batteries in your luggage. However, it is important to clarify how to carry them on hand. Temperature is a very important consideration as hot places can be dangerous for your batteries. If you don’t want to end up like those horror stories of electronic cigarette batteries exploding in pockets or bags, then make sure they’re original and not stored where the heat is concentrated. Again, even if your batteries are guaranteed not to explode, they will still be damaged and lose their charge if left in a warm place for an extended period.


If you are going to travel by car, do not leave batteries in the car for long, especially on the day when it is hot. It is preferable to take them with you and make sure they are well ventilated and/or in a cool place at all times, away from sunlight and other sources of heat. The ideal is that you charge them in a special case for this type of batteries, so you avoid any kind of accident.


Make sure your liquids are stored safely.


You should not store your liquids incorrectly in your carry-on luggage, in your hotel room, or elsewhere. If you can put straps or some other mechanism to keep your ejuice bottles upright in your luggage, you shouldn’t worry about anything. It’s not that keeping him lying down causes the liquid to spill instantly, however you don’t want to take risks and find your suitcase and other objects filled with liquid.


The TSA requires all liquids to travel in a transparent bag with quarter-gallon zipper closure. If you carry juice with you, you should follow the safety rules of all liquids. That means a 3.4-ounce bottle that fits in your TSA-approved liquid bag. Standard electronic juice sizes of 30 thousand, 60 thousand, and 100 thousand are fine. If you have larger e-liquid bottles, transfer them to smaller bottles. You can buy 3.4-ounce travel bottles and TSA-approved plastic bags at travel stores, pharmacies, and most major stores.

If you bring a larger bottle, wrap it securely and store it in your checked baggage.


Even if you travel by train or bus, you need to keep a few things in mind. The following are three points for ground travelers:

  1. Make sure all the items are packed carefully, with a soft cloth or towel wrapped around the device for additional protection.
  2. You should keep the vape juice and device in a place where you can easily access them. On the way, you can get it out whenever you feel like vaping.
  3. As a safety precaution, use the original packaging for the items even when you are on a train or bus.


Now that you have these handy tips to guide you, traveling with your vape device will be a lot easier. As long as you follow the rules and pack your device and juices properly, you will not face any problems—research your destination’s vaping laws and invest in a good packing case.


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