What is the proper way to vape?

If you are just getting started with vaping, it’s normal to have some doubts and to ask for advice about how to vape and how to choose e-liquids. It may seem complicated at first to understand how to vape without coughing, how much to vape, whether to vape mouth to lung or direct to the lungs, and how to regulate the electronic cigarette, but here we provide many answers.


For those who don’t know how cheap electronic cigarettes work, it is important to specify that they are powered by batteries, so there is no combustion process (no lighter). Some cigarettes are activated automatically when you start vaping, while others must be lit by pressing a button before each use. Aside from the type of ignition, electronic cigarettes on the market also differ in many other characteristics; in particular, some are equipped with customizable configurations and tools to customize your vaping experience.


It is possible to adjust the temperature and the power of the aromas to vape cheaply with the electronic cigarette instead of the classic cigarette, whose puffs depend on the smoker’s suction force.


If you have purchased an adjustable electronic cigarette and are about to start using it, our advice is to set very low heat and power parameters and then increase them as you become familiar with the e-cig. Using the highest values from the start could make the experience too “shocking” and “aggressive,” discouraging you from continuing to use the e-cigarette.


In addition to this, you can choose the best electronic cigar liquid you prefer based on taste, liquid nicotine content, and density. At first, however, it is normal to get a little confused and “waste” some liquids, but over time you will gain confidence and your vaping experience will always be better. 


The two main styles of vaping.


If you read phrases like “vape lung” and “vape mouth to lung” between the various vaping forums, you will probably be surprised and want to know what it means. These are two different ways of experiencing vaping: one is more similar to the puff of cigarettes, while the other is more intense.

Are you wondering how to vape mouth to lung, and direct to lung? To vape from your mouth, simply suck the vaporized liquid out of your mouth and then inhale it. By contrast, the lung style involves a more intense aspiration and is, in a sense, fuller, carrying the vapor directly into the lungs. Compared to mouth-to-lung vaping, mouth-to-lung vaping allows for a better taste of liquids for electronic cigarettes, and also provides a stronger flavor, especially among experienced vapers.

What is the best way to vape without coughing?

Let’s now clarify a concept that sometimes confuses neophytes of vaping: how to vape without constantly coughing? What is the reason for this? In most cases, this reaction is caused by an unbalanced dose of the base liquid, taste, and nicotine in the e-cig.

Cough can be caused by :

  • A dose of nicotine too high (seems to “scrape” the throat)
  • Using an e-liquid to vape containing too intrusive and irritating flavors.
  • Incorrect adjustment of the voltage of the electronic cigarette concerning the resistance used.
  • Wear atomizer resistance.
  • Incorrect cleaning of the internal parts of the electronic cigarette.


You can improve your vaping experience by eliminating coughing by paying attention to these details and, as recommended above, adjusting the power and heat of the electronic cigarette.


How does vaping without nicotine get rid of addiction?


The fact that so many neo-vapers have been classic cigarette smokers is nothing new. Often, the transition to electronic cigarettes occurs because these give the possibility to modulate the number of liquid components and liquid flavors, until achieving completely detoxified nicotine. If you are a former smoker and have just switched to e-cigarettes, our advice is to gradually decrease the amount of nicotine you consume. In fact, the body gets better used to the absence of this substance if the detoxification process occurs gradually.


Initially rely on liquids prepared for electronic cigarettes with nicotine and only later, after having acquired a little habit, you can proceed to buy the base of e-liquid, the flavors of vape and nicotine to mix to your liking. You’ll see that after a while you’ll be able to vape without nicotine without problems, but maybe you’ll still enjoy the taste of tobacco, which you just can’t give up.


Now you know all the main information that will allow you to vape correctly, just visit our online store Vapenebula to choose between liquids and flavors tobacco, creamy, gourmets and fruit, bases with and without nicotine, and top-quality electronic cigarettes!

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