Can You Take Disposable Vapes on an Airplane?

Can You Take Disposable Vapes on an Airplane?

Are you preparing for a trip but worried about carrying your disposable vape? To worry is natural because there are various regulations and safety measures for traveling with these devices by air. This blog is your friendly guide, and it will highlight what you need to know about transporting disposable vapes by air.

The Number of Disposables You Can Bring on a Plane

It depends on the airline’s specific regulations on lithium-ion batteries. You need to know how many electronic battery-operated devices the airline allows. Devices include mobile phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, etc. So, consider all your gadgets when you carry your vapes. You wouldn’t want to hand over your brand-new 5000 puff disposable vape to airport security now, would you?

Carrying Disposable Vapes in Hand Luggage

Did someone tell you that you can not take disposable vapes with you? Well, you can. As long as you keep them in your hand luggage or on your person, it is alright.

You may already know that airlines prohibit carrying beyond a specific number of batteries on the plane, but do you know why?

The lithium-ion batteries are the primary reason behind it. The limited number of batteries you can carry you can not carry in checked-in luggage because the batteries are a potential fire hazard, and if something went wrong, it would go unnoticed in the cargo hold. If anything goes wrong with the batteries, it can be taken care of in the cabin.

5 Tips for Flying with Disposable Vapes in the USA

What Should You Do with Disposable Vapes at Airport Security and Customs?

Different airlines and airports have different policies, which determine handling disposable vapes during security and customs checks. For instance, a device with 2.0ml of e-liquid and one lithium-ion battery will likely fall under liquid regulations.

We recommend storing your disposables separately in a transparent bag. It simplifies security inspection easier. That takes care of airport security inspection. Here’s what to do with airport customs:

  • Place the disposables in a transparent plastic bag provided for liquids at the airport.
  • Ensure you do not exceed the maximum number of lithium-ion batteries.

What Should You Do If You Can Not Take Your Disposable Vapes on the Plane?

While you can fly with disposable vapes, there may be instances when you will not be permitted to carry them on board. For example, if you carry a device with more than 2.0ml e-liquid, the airport security is likely to confiscate it.

Always take caution about the cumulative count of your lithium-ion battery-operated devices. If you have several electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, battery chargers for your phones and rechargeable vape pen, etc., you may exceed the limit. In that case, the disposables will be the first things you leave behind.

If you are a frequent traveler, research the availability of vapes in the country or state you are headed to. Most travel-friendly tourist hubs permit the sale of vapes. If you fail to bring your disposables on the flight, buy them from your destination country upon arrival. Some international airports offer vapes in their arrival and departure lounge shops.

The specific restrictions and regulations for carrying disposable vapes vary from one country to another. Travelers should research and understand the destination country’s vaping laws. Some countries impose strict restrictions on vaping, whereas others are more lenient regulations.

Travelers should check with the airline to ensure their disposable vapes comply with the airport and airline regulations. Airlines generally have specific guidelines on carrying electronic devices, such as disposables, in carry-on luggage. You should pack the vapes securely in carry-on bags and follow restrictions on lithium-ion batteries to avoid problems during security checks.

If travelers can not bring disposable vapes on a flight because of limitations, they should buy vapes at their destination. Also, various international airports have vape shops. When planning your trip, research the availability of vapes at the destination and plan accordingly.

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