About Us

Nebula is a vaping company that is dedicated to creating smooth and vibrant products using unique flavor blends. Our goal is to bring energy and excitement to your vaping experience, making it truly nebulous.

We were founded in 2021 and have since launched a solar system-themed product line, starting with Asteroids and Planets. Soon after, we introduced the Atmosphere, a 0% nicotine option for those who want to fully enjoy the flavor without the buzz. As our brand continued to grow and evolve, we introduced our most expansive offering yet: the Galaxy, featuring 5000 puffs and a variety of delicious flavors.

As our product line continues to expand, we are constantly introducing new and exciting creations to keep your everyday vaping experience sensational. From the crisp and refreshing taste of our Asteroids flavor to the rich and creamy indulgence of our Galaxy blend, there is something for every vaping enthusiast in our cosmic collection. We can't wait to see what the future holds for Nebula and our ever-growing line of out-of-this-world products.


our technology:

# Using medical-grade technology, Fume Vape products

maximize puff capacity, making vaping durable, convenient, and enjoyable.

#This vape device includes a pre-filled flavor pod made of food-grade material that is powered by an 850mAh battery that has regulated temperature control for a consistently safe and enjoyable vaping experience.

#Nebula Vape Designed with no buttons, charging ports, or refillable cartridges, our disposable vape devices are sleek, compact, and easy to use.



1800 Puffs

Based on a scale from smallest to largest, asteroids are considered one of the smallest rocky formations in the Universe. 

NEBULA Asteroid  is our very first formation of our new smoky universe. 

2800 Puffs

Planets are the next biggest formations in the Universe, situated in our solar system orbiting the sun. 

NEBULA Planet  is our current biggest creation.

1800 Puffs

The Atmosphere is what surrounds every celestial body in space. It is where time doesn’t exist, freedom is infinite, and gravity becomes weaker. In the atmosphere, you are free.

NEBULA Atmosphere  is Nicotine Free. It is our Zero 0% Nicotine origination. 

5000 Puffs

A galaxy is a large system of stars held together by mutual gravitation. In a galaxy, we can find asteroids, planets and comets; a few of our current formations.

NEBULA Galaxy  is our current biggest creation. It is our rechargeable device with a capacity of 5000 puffs.