Brand New Disposable Vape Not Working? How to Fix?

Brand New Disposable Vape Not Working? How to Fix?

You just unpacked your brand-new disposable vape, ready to kick back and relax as you puff on that mouthwatering flavor you have been yearning for, but wait! It’s not working. The device isn’t working! We know this frustration all too well. But what’s causing the malfunction? Worry not. We tell you how to repair your disposable vape that isn’t working.

Disposable vapes are simple and reliable, but they are susceptible to issues just like any other. Fortunately, you can fix most of them. Here, we will look at every aspect that could help you repair your faulty device and avoid another problem, but first:

Did You Unpack Your Vape Properly?

A disposable vape can contain anywhere from 2 ml to 13 ml of e-liquid. The more the amount, the higher the chances of leakage. A 5000-puff disposable vape is likely more prone to leakage than a 200-puff device. With such an amount, you can not risk a leak nor allow the device to activate inside the package. Leakage and overheating are problems you must avoid.

Most disposable vapes come in airtight packages to prevent these problems. Manufacturers also use small rubber plugs or stickers to seal the airflow holes. Check for plugs or stickers and remove them before you start vaping.

Disposable Vapes Not Working Quick Fix Tips

Secondly, Charge if it’s Rechargeable

If you bought one of the popular rechargeable vapes, try recharging it. While they come pre-charged out of the box, you may have a device that discharged in the package. Hence, it won’t blink, light up, or work when you try to vape. Connect it using the USB to the computer to see if it lights up.

When your vape’s LED does not light up after connecting it to the power supply, let it charge for a while to see if it charges the battery. If it charges fully, the light should change color or turn off.

Charging it didn’t do the trick? You may have a faulty device in hand. Request for a return/replacement/refund from the vendor.

Check for a Leak

Even with plugs and stickers, it may still be hard to prevent a leak in the package, which could result from a change in air pressure during transportation.

In that case, the loose e-liquid can damage the internal electronics and cause a short circuit. If your brand-new disposable vape does not work and you identified a leak, your device is probably dead. Request for a return/replacement/refund from the vendor.

Draw Harder

Unless you bought a button-activated disposable, yours is a draw-activated vape designed to trigger when you take a puff. It has an airflow sensor that turns the device on when air travels through it.

A new disposable that is not working when you puff may have a less sensitive airflow sensor or a clog is blocking airflow. Try puffing with a little extra force than your usual. If there’s a clog, you will hear it pop, and the vape should start working normally.

If it isn’t clogged but works when you puff harder, something’s wrong with the airflow sensor. You will have to continue puffing harder than usual for it to function. Also, you can cover the airflow partially when puffing to increase air pressure.

Speaking About Airflow, Does Your Vape Feature Adjustable Airflow?

Disposables with adjustable airflow may be easy to fix because you may have a device with closed airflow, which you can identify by taking a puff. If the airflow is closed, taking a puff will be difficult. The quick fix is to adjust the airflow.

Does Your Vape Taste Burnt?

Perhaps you have a brand-new disposable vape that works but tastes burnt…? Your experience won’t be a delightful one. One probable problem is that air bubbles are keeping the e-liquid from saturating the wick. Solution: tap the device gently against your palm and try again.

In case you are experiencing a burnt taste after short intervals, pause for a while before taking another puff. It could prevent you from inhaling burnt flavors.

Did You Buy an Authentic Vape?

Did You Buy an Authentic Vape?

Counterfeit products are old news. Even the disposable vape you bought may be fake. However, it’s hard to tell a fake product from the original because there are too many of them. Ensure checking the packaging for an authenticity code. Go to the manufacturer’s website and enter the code to confirm your device’s genuineness.

Where to Buy Authentic Disposable Vapes from?

There are many places where you can buy genuine vaping products from. Whether you want unique flavors like a banana ice disposable vape or a pink lemonade vape, finding a trusted brand is crucial.

Check out Nebula and explore our devices to see if you find something that catches your eye. We believe you will find many of your liking. Expect tested and high-quality products.

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It is hard to identify counterfeit products but ensure checking for an authenticity code on the packaging. Visit the brand’s website and enter the code to check if you have a genuine product.

If your vape tastes burnt, it could be due to air bubbles obstructing the e-liquid from saturating the wick. Try tapping the device gently against your palm to clear the clog. Additionally, take breaks between puffs to avoid burnt flavors.

Yes. Factors like changes in air pressure during product transportation can cause leaks or damage to the components. If you receive a faulty device, request a return, replacement, or refund.

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