How to Make a Disposable Vape Not Taste Burnt?

How to Make a Disposable Vape Not Taste Burnt?

Nobody wants to ruin their day by taking a burnt hit from a disposable vape. The culprit behind burnt hits is usually an empty tank. The solution: dispose of the device appropriately. But what about times when the vape is not empty but producing burnt hits?

Worry not, for we have you covered. This guide will explain the potential reasons your disposable tastes burnt and ways that may help you fix it. Let’s start with ways to identify the problem.

Reasons Why Your Disposable Taste Burnt

Burnt hits indicate a problem. Every disposable vape has a battery, a coil (heating element), and a cotton-like material saturated in e-liquid. If your device isn’t empty, a burn hit is the symptom of malfunction, whether you own a nicotine-rich or zero nicotine disposable vape. What may be causing it?

  1. The coil is not receiving enough e-liquid. The tank may be low on juice if not empty.
  2. An overheated coil. Vaping immediately after charging or taking too many puffs rapidly can overheat the heating element.
  3. A faulty product that should not have passed quality control. It may be valid if you experience burnt hits right after opening the package.

How to Fix a Disposable Vape that Tastes Burnt?

How to Fix Burnt Hits?

There are various reasons why your vape may taste burnt, but most of them have easy fixes. If you are considering fixing the problem, get a pair of latex gloves and a paper towel/clean rag to work on because it can get messy.

Step #1: Clean the Mouthpiece

A disposable vape spends plenty of time inside pockets and purses, places high in debris. If a piece enters the mouthpiece, it can cause a bad hit. Light a torch and check the chimney of the mouthpiece. If you notice debris inside, roll a tissue to fit into the hole and swab the debris out.

PRO TIP: Do this to clean the mouthpiece regularly.

Step #2: Take Out the Components

We do not recommend this to help users avoid jeopardizing their safety, but if you are industrious or want to avoid spending money on a new device, it may help you fix the problem.

You can disassemble most disposables with gentle force. First, pry the top off with the fingers by shimmying it back and forth a little. Do not pull hard, and do not detach the wires. The goal is to take off the internals as one unit.

Carefully remove the components and remember their assembly to reassemble the device correctly.

Step #3: Check E-Liquid Levels

Now that you can access the internals, pat the cotton-like material to see if it is wet. Does it feel a little dry? Drip your favorite e-liquid into the polyfill. If yours is a cappuccino disposable vape, you may want to add the same flavor instead of pouring mango or other flavors. Refrain from adding too much. Stop once the material stops absorbing.

Step #4: Let the Cotton Soak Before Reassembling

Let the cotton soak the e-liquid for a few minutes before taking a puff. Once done, reassemble the vape, ensuring everything is just like before. Then, put the mouthpiece back into place.

Step #5: Take Primer Puffs

Do not start vaping immediately. Primer puffs are essential to ensure you have fixed the problem. Take slow and short puffs to test the smell and taste of the hits. If satisfied, start vaping as usual.

Is it Safe to Vape a Burnt Disposable?

It is neither safe nor can you vape a burnt disposable even if you tried. Burnt hits are undesirable and uncomfortable. Inhaling burnt hits will irritate your throat, leading to nasty coughing. We advise you to refrain from vaping burnt hits.

The Takeaway

Disposable vapes are ideal for various reasons. Their ease of use makes them perfect for all vapers. Just unpack and vape. We do not recommend fiddling with a disposable vape for its burnt taste because the device is not designed to be opened and repaired or reused. However, unfortunate problems may necessitate DIY, especially if you have a tight budget or do not like the idea of spending on a new device when you already have a recently bought vape.

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