Quit Flavoring Kit

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Quit Flavoring Kit

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Includes 1 Tobacco, 2 Ice Mint, 2 Menthol, and 3 Fresh Clear. 

Our "Quit Flavoring Package" has been crafted to guide you on a journey towards a flavor-free vaping life. This thoughtfully designed package offers a step-by-step transition to help you achieve a satisfying neutral sensation. 

Step 1: Start with Tobacco Flavor. Begin your journey by using the tobacco-flavored vape. This serves as your initial step to neutralize sweet flavors and helps you transition from the familiar taste of traditional cigarettes to a milder, more neutral taste.

Step 2: Transition to Ice Mint. Move on to the ice mint vapes. This step introduces a strong icy sensation, designed to gradually wean you off the intense flavors you might have been used in the past.

Step 3: Exploring Menthol. Next up is the menthol flavor. Menthol adds a refreshing but lighter twist to your vaping experience, offering a light minty coolness that can make your transition easier.

Step 4: Reaching Your Goal with Fresh Clear. Your ultimate goal is "Fresh Clear", our flavor-free option. This flavorless vape represents a significant milestone on your journey. It's the point where you've successfully transitioned away from both the sweet and minty flavors and are now on the path to a truly neutral taste.