Are Non Nicotine Vapes Safe?

Are Non Nicotine Vapes Safe?

First off, let’s start by asking another question: what makes vaping popular? Is it only the flavor options, or is it the swag associated with it? Answer: both, plus something else.

Vaping, as we know, is a safer alternative to smoking. To many, it serves as a smoking cessation tool. Those who have only scratched the surface of the vaping realm debate that vaping is similar to smoking because we continue to inhale nicotine-complemented alien substances into our lungs. That’s where they forget one of the most important aspects of vaping: the ability to choose nicotine concentration, where 0% or 0 mg nicotine is an option too.

Many vapers switch to vaping aiming to cut off their nicotine intake until it reaches zero. They choose lower nicotine strengths, taking it down gradually. When nicotine cravings go down, they turn to zero nicotine vapes. Quitting smoking becomes easy because the user frees themselves of nicotine addiction.

So, if 0 nicotine vapes can help you quit smoking, it is a safer option than traditional nicotine-filled vapes. But that’s not all. There are many reasons to choose zero nicotine vapes and we will look at some of them to give you a better idea.

Freedom from Nicotine

They are safer because the ingredients in their e-liquid are usually food grade. They are safer for those with children or pets at home as 0 nicotine e-juice should not pose lethal threats. However, you should always keep vapes away from children and pets.

Freedom from Addiction

Freedom from Addiction

0 nicotine disposable vaps like those in our collection are devoid of additives. Nicotine is an optional vaping ingredient. So, if nicotine has been responsible for most people’s difficulties in quitting smoking or vaping and you want to steer clear of any addictive chances, a non nicotine vape should do the trick.

Sweet Tooth Satisfaction, Guilt-Free

Do you have a sweet tooth? Cut down mindless sugar consumption whenever you feel like munching on something sweet with flavorful 0 nicotine vapes. Vape your favorite flavors, from fruits to desserts, and satiate your sweet tooth without the risk of becoming addicted or diabetic. Not to mention, you also avoid the unnecessary carbs.

Vape While Taking a Nicotine Break

Vape While Taking a Nicotine Break

Sometimes, nicotine users, especially newer vapers, accidentally cross their limits; a rare but possible occurrence. Too much nicotine can make the user uncomfortable, such as dizzy and sick. If you direly want to take a few drags of your favorite flavor at such a time, a zero nicotine vape is just what you need. You can continue your pastime without the nicotine.

Smoother Vaping

You can feel nicotine when you vape it. The sensations it creates can be felt in your body and head, apart from the throat hit. Most vapers, especially ex-smokers, love that sensation, but others can’t stand it. A 0 nicotine disposable vape provides smoother draws that you will barely feel go down your throat without compromising the flavor and vapor.

If you are convinced that non nicotine vapes are perfect for you, you can check out our product collection: Nebula Atmosphere 0% Nic - 1800 puffs and Atmosphere Plus 0% - 5000 puffs, depending on the puff count you seek. It is an ideal choice for you if you are transitioning from smoking to vaping or are on your way to quitting vaping.

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