Can Disposable Vapes Explode?

Can Disposable Vapes Explode?

Yes, disposables can explode if you damage the lithium-ion battery or misuse the device. Excessive moisture, extreme heat, and over-charing are a few contributing factors to the possibility. However, exploding vapes are rare, so there isn’t much to worry about.

Although highly unlikely, awareness and caution are necessary. A vape on fire could be dangerous, especially near flammable materials like gas or in your pocket.

The best way to avoid it is to ensure you do not own a faulty or damaged device. Stop using it immediately if it heats up beyond regular temperature when vaping.

What Causes Disposable Vapes to Explode?

What Causes Disposable Vapes to Explode?

Vapes are relatively new and inadequately researched. The battery is typically responsible for fires and explosions, and we will look into some of the possibilities.

Battery Storage

A loose battery in a disposable touching another conductor, such as keys or coins in your pocket, could cause a mishap. What can a tiny fire do? It can cause third-degree burns, something nobody should experience. Let’s check out the science behind it.

When the metals come in contact with positive or negative terminals of a battery, a power transfer occurs. The generated power enters the battery, overheating it and eventually causing an explosion. Moisture, sunlight, and direct heat also affect loose batteries.

If you need to carry batteries in your pocket to DIY repair your disposable, carry them in a reliable storage case. It will help avoid overheating.

Wrong Battery

DIY can cause you, especially if you go wrong with the process. Choosing an incompatible battery for your disposable is a bad idea. Unreliable manufacturers can mislabel the battery’s amperage. For instance, you bought a 30 amp battery, but it handles the amperage for 4-5 seconds.

While most vape batteries are safe lithium-ion or lithium-polymer cells, an unreliable supplier may use an old battery rewrapped and resold. So, do not fall for a cheap product that looks like costly.

Buying from a reputable brand helps avoid counterfeit products. Especially avoid websites where anybody can sell anything. Saving a couple of dollars and blowing yourself to oblivion is not a pretty picture.

Overcharging Your Disposable Vape

Many new-age devices are rechargeable disposable vapes, so knowing the risk overcharging brings is essential. Do not give the battery more than necessary.

Do not leave your device to overcharge overnight or unattended; avoid using a defective charger. It overheats the battery and increases the risk of explosion. Even though most batteries can take up to 4-4.5 volts of charge, some more, and they become unstable and dangerous. Follow the charging instructions and limit on the product label, or ask your seller.


Let’s talk about the real issue. Carelessness is often the case for most problems in life. With vapes, like any other electronic device, dropping them repeatedly, leaving them under the sun, or mishandling them increases the risk of overheating or malfunctioning.

Is Disposable Vape Safe?

A disposable vape is safe as long as it meets the legal requirements, including quality and safety. Despite being safe, a disposable vape is still an electrical device, and you must treat it carefully to prevent it from becoming potentially unsafe from misuse or damage.

How to Avoid Disposable Vapes from Exploding : Safety Tips

How to Avoid Disposable Vapes from Exploding : Safety Tips

Worried about your disposable vape exploding? Here are a few things you can do to minimize the risk.

  • Buy from a Reputable Retailer

When you buy a disposable vape, ensure that you buy it from a reputable retailer because they only sell quality and safety-tested products.

  • Use the Vape Correctly

Follow the instructions. Do not drop the device or expose it to extreme temperatures.

  • Dispose it of Properly

After you have used up your vape, dispose it of properly. Avoid throwing it into the trash, as it contains hazardous materials. Dispose it of in a dedicated vape bin or a recycling center. These tips can significantly reduce the risk of a vape exploding.


Disposable vapes, whether a 5000-puff rechargeable vape or a 1000-puff non-rechargeable one, are a convenient alternative to cigarettes or traditional mods. However, it is essential to understand the device and the dos and don’ts to avoid potential risks. We hope this blog post helped you understand how you can prevent disposables from exploding.

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